the Painting

"The spectacle of heaven upsets me. It upsets me to see, in an immense sky, the crescent of the moon or the sun. Moreover, in my paintings there are tiny forms in large empty spaces. "

Joan Miro

Painting is the art that consists in applying pigments to a support such as paper, canvas, silk, ceramics, wood, glass or a wall.

Since the pigments are essentially solid, it is necessary to use a diluent, which leads them to a fluid phase, more fluid or more dense, and a binder, which allows lasting adhesion to the support.

Those who paint are called painter or painter.

The result is an image that, according to the intentions of the author, expresses his perception of the world or a free association of forms or any other meaning, depending on his creativity, his aesthetic taste and that of the society it's part.

(from Wikipedia)

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