Who we are

Monticelli Antiquariato e Restauro

Antiques and art are, and have been, for us the leitmotif of the profession handed down for two generations.

Our collection began in the late thirties, through a strong artistic vein of Antonio who, with his sculptures, has alternated passion and great intuition in the collection of precious antiques.

This passion was then handed down to Michele, from the seventies to today, able to seize the opportunity to practice a noble work that tended to involve him totally.


Through years of training and continuous comparisons with art critics and experts in the field, we boast a thorough knowledge of ancient painting and in the nineteenth century Italian, wooden sculptural art and antique furniture.

We want to continue to transmit what has now entered our hearts, hoping that you and many others will take this opportunity to get closer to a world that knows how to fascinate in all its aspects.

We have grasped the great added value of new technologies in this field too and we have decided to adapt with renewal momentum, extending us on the internet through social and online commerce.

We have transformed our shop window making it visible even through a simple computer or smartphone, without geographical limits!

Welcome to Monticelli Antiques!