the Sculpture

"Sculpture, when it transforms the place where it is placed, really has a testimonial value of its own time, manages to embody a context, to enrich it with further layers of memory"

Arnaldo Pomodoro

Sculpture is the art of working objects that have relief and volume.

The sculptural technique, in fact, is that complex of intellectual, manual, and instrumental actions that act on raw material (raw), organize it, work it by creating shapes that have three dimensions.

The fundamental processing processes are: Intaglio, which is performed by working hard materials (wood, solidified plaster, stone, marble, ivory, hard stones ...); modeled, which is done by working soft materials (clay or clay, plasticine, wax, fluid plaster ...); melting, it is done by working the metals, which are processed with the help of heat (iron, gold, silver, bronze, cast iron, brass, copper, steel, lead ...).

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